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Hello, moms! My name is Trish Kasey and I am the creator of Mom's Score Bee. I am the mother of two children - a daughter, Corey (25) and a son, Cameron (18) and I have been married to Allen for 28 years. We live in Irvine, California, which is in Orange County AKA So Cal. When my son Cameron was four years old, he began playing baseball, which was soon followed by basketball, soccer, swimming and eventually football. 

My husband Allen and I have watched every game, meet, and match. Cameron is not only an athlete; he also loves to watch sports as well, including, but not limited to the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA. If you're not familiar with these initials, you have come to the right place - Mom's Score Bee is for you! For those of you who are familiar with baseball, basketball, hockey, football and more, this site will become your BFF for the latest sports news and information.
Now, let's rewind to 2014, I initially created the Mom's Score Bee Baseball Scorekeeping Book to provide moms with an easy way to keep track of their son's baseball scores and highlights. I spent many baseball games intensely watching the game, but somehow i would often get lost on which inning, what's the score, how many balls, strikes, etc. (especially true when Cameron was playing on fields with no working scoreboard) so I would often pull out a scratch piece of paper and draw a grid labeled with the information I needed to keep my head in the game. Until, finally, I created a spreadsheet which eventually gave birth to The Mom's Score Bee Scorekeeping and Memory book . 
It proved to be very helpful at games, but I soon realized that the MSB scorekeeping book was just the tip of the iceberg - Mom's Score Bee had the potential to do so much more than just keep baseball stats and scores -- if I created a website, social media and potentially other means to reach sports moms, they could act as catalysts to connect moms with their sons through sports. Let's face it, fathers and sons establish the sports connection naturally (I sincerely believe that there is a "sports gene" on the Y chromosome) , but many moms either don't have an interest in sports, or simply don't realize how much of an impact such a connection could have on their relationship with their sons. I don't want moms to miss out on this opportunity to connect, especially in the Jr High and High School years when boys are generally starting to pull away (insert sad face here) and long for independence from their parents.
I'm no stranger to helping moms. For over 10 years, I was the Founder and Editor of the Mommy Times, a support network for moms by moms. I also founded Moms at Home Entrepreneurially Minded (MAHEM), which provided monthly meetings and speakers for moms with home-based businesses. My passion has always been connecting moms through shared experiences and through Mom's Score Bee, moms can not only connect with each other, but more importantly, connect with their sons by staying up-to-date on the latest scores and sports information. By staying on top of sports info, you're going to connect with your son in a special way that you both will treasure (he may not know it now, but he will!)
Moms, I don't claim to know everything about sports (I'm always asking questions - you know that guys love to answer sports questions), I'm a mom, just like you trying to build and maintain a relationship with both of my children. If you have daughters, you typically already know how to naturally bond with them, but with our sons...come on...let's show our sons that we can keep our heads in the game too!  

Join me for all the fun as we keep track of who's kicking off, facing off, tipping off and playing ball because every mom should know the score! Remember, you don't have to watch it all, to "bee" a know-it-all!
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