Enhancing the Relationship Between 
Moms and Sons Through Sports


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Brush with Sports Greatness

Wow! Can't get much closer than this!
My son, Cameron at NCAA Sweet Sixteen Game - "hangin'" with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller of The Denver Broncos (the guy in the white hat with his elbow up) - Go Broncos!

Coaches' Corner

Virginia Tech Head Basketball Coach Buzz Williams appreciates our National Anthem. He was determined to show his players how to behave while it is playing. 
Eastern Michigan Head Football Coach Chris Creighton Writes a Heartfelt Letter to Moms on the Power of the Pigskin.  
St Louis Cardinal's Manager Mike Methany's letter to parents of youth baseball. Hopefully, all who read will take heed.

Associate Head Coach at Cal State University Fresno, Jerry Wainwright has written thousand of notes to his players through the years. Way to go Coach - YOU are an inspiration.

Take a look at this list of the top 5 most inspirational coaches and see if you agree...

Who Is This Guy?

Born: 1934
Birthplace: Mobile, AL
Best known as: A durable outfielder and consistent hitter noted for his powerful wrists and explosive swing.
_________________, U.S. baseball player, _______ joined a Negro League exhibition team, the Indianapolis Clowns, at 18. Within a month, however, he became a member of the Milwaukee Braves farm system. He was among the first African Americans to play a full career (23 years) in the major leagues, with the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves (1954–74) and with the Milwaukee Brewers (1975–76). During his first season with the Braves he led the team in hits. In 1974 "Hammerin' _____" broke Babe Ruth's legendary lifetime mark of 714 home runs, eventually setting a record of 755 homers, which held until Barry Bonds hit his 756th in 2007. Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982, ________ is baseball's career leader in runs batted in (2,297) and extra-base hits (1,477) and was an All Star a record 24 times. He was the National League's most valuable player in 1957 and won three Gold Gloves. In 1976 he became one of the first black executives in the game, beginning a long tenure in the Atlanta Braves front office. He also had a successful business career. Answer?
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