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Mom's Score Bee Scorekeeping & Memory Book

The Product that Launched MSB

 No more asking, "What's the score?" or "Is this the 4th or 5th inning?" or "What's the count?" Yes, moms, you will know the who, what, when and where of the game with your handy Mom's Score Bee scorekeeping book. Don't be lost in the game anymore! This is not a complicated scorekeeping book, this is your very own scorekeeping and memory book. 
In a compact spiral-bound notebook and very much mom-oriented, you can keep the memories of that first home run alive for years to come! This time in your son's life goes by so fast, so capture the precious memories now. Whether you are a seasoned scorekeeper for the team or you have never thought about keeping score, this book is for you.
Why would you want to miss out on recording every detail of your son's game? From elementary to high school, you will want to keep an MSB scorekeeping book for every season - imagine looking back through the years of memories? 

Keeping score with your other mom friends will not only be informative, but so much fun! "Do you have 2 outs or 1?" "I have that we scored 3 runs, what do you have?" When your son asks, "Mom, did you see that hit?" You can proudly say, "I sure did and it was in the bottom of the 5th which made up for grounding out in the bottom of the 2nd!" "It was great to see Johnny get on 2B in the bottom of the 3rd!" You will be the coolest mom ever! 
HELP WANTED: For a very limited time, get a free copy ($12.95 value) in exchange for your reviews, comments and suggestions, which will be considered for the next edition of MSB Scorekeeping & Memory Book.
Bee the coolest mom! 

It's super easy to get a copy of Mom's Score Bee Scorekeeping Book. Be sure to email back your review and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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