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"Winners never quit and quitters never win."
-- Vince Lombardi
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****Tips For Bee-ing a Cool Sports Mom****

Tip #1: Mom's Score Bee Online Resources

Visit momsscorebee.com every day :-) Make sure you check the standings on your son's favorite teams - that's key for good conversations with your son. You can even throw in a math lesson or two using probabilities and statistics - sports rock!

Like and Follow Mom's Score Bee - This is a quick and easy way to keep up-to-date on the latest sports stories without having to like and follow all the sports pages yourself. 

Tip #2: Sports Talk Radio

Find a sports talk radio station on your car radio and lock it in -- I like ESPN radio - just click on the map in your area and you'll see the local affiliate. I also like Fox Sports Radio - again just click on your local area on the map. Also, Westwood One Sports provides coverage of major sporting events. My best advice is to save one station, turn it on when your son is in the car to promote conversation - also turn it on when you're driving alone and take mental notes on what you heard. Most of the hosts will be talking about the latest sports news - just grab a nugget of info -- you don't have to listen too long. As far as hosts go, some of my favorites are: Dan Patrick and the Danettes and Mike and Mike.

Tip #3: Teams and Players

Get to know your son's favorite teams and players - You have to know who the coach is and a little about him. Generally know the players' names, but definitely pick one player and do research on him - where did he go to college, what is his background -personally and professionally - nothing screams "Cool Mom" like you knowing where his favorite player grew up and that his favorite food is pizza!

Tip #4: Games

Watch the games together and ask lots of questions - This is key because guys love to answer sports questions. Do make sure you know the basics of the game (The Rules) so you can ask respectable questions, but even if not, they will still love to answer them.

Tip #5: Sports Center

Watch at least a little ESPN Sports Center every day - They feature the highlights of the day in sports in a fun and humorous way. You'll enjoy watching it and you'll eventually adopt a favorite anchor or two.

Moms, Don't Bee Sidelined - Get In The Game

When your son starts to competitively play sports and to seriously follow his favorite sports teams (especially Jr High, High School and beyond), there's nothing more "uncool" than his mom trying to talk sports when she doesn't really know much about the teams he loves or the sports he plays. Mom's Score Bee offers a way to learn more about the sports your son plays, watches and loves by allowing you to keep up with the latest and greatest sports news. MSB is here to provide sports education to moms, giving them a natural way to bond with their sons.
Bonding over sports isn't just for dads and sons - it's for moms and sons too! Mom's Score Bee provides moms with the info they'll need to know what's up in the world of sports.
Why Bee A Part of Mom's Score Bee?

"My son plays sports and I know how important they are to him. One of the many reasons why I created Mom's Score Bee was based on an experience I had in a meeting between football players' moms and the coaches of the team. Several of the moms in attendance were unfamiliar with which positions their sons played - they were extremely supportive of their sons and the team, but they lacked the knowledge about positions and the game itself. I decided then and there that somehow I would find a way to help fill the gap between a mom and her son and his sports. There had to be a way for moms to learn about sports without losing interest. Mom's Score Bee is dedicating to providing moms with a source for sports information that is easy and appealing. I want moms to use this site as a resource to establish a stronger bond with their sons, based on a mutual appreciation of sports."  
-- Trish Kasey, Creator of Mom's Score Bee
Mission Statement:
The mission of Mom's Score Bee is to build and enhance the mom/son relationship by providing moms with up-to-date, sports-related information and education via a comprehensive website, online communication, social media, and products and services that will better enable them to "talk sports" with their sons.

Philanthropic Mission Statement:

The philanthropic mission of Mom’s Score Bee is to provide funding for financially–challenged sports families, especially single-mom families which will cover registration fees, equipment and other expenses associated with their sons playing sports.  Mom’s Score Bee believes that all young men who are willing and able to play sports, should play despite the costs involved. A percentage of the profits from every Mom’s Score Bee product sold will be donated for this purpose. 

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